Team (June ’19 Eng)

Your hosting team for this training reflects some of the diversity we wish to invite in the training itself. We have French-speakers, Dutch-speakers, English speakers, expats and nomads; we are employed in the public sector, private sector, civil society, social enterprise, self –employed; we are multi-generational, multidisciplinary, multinational; we have different levels of experience in hosting conversations that matter.

Ria BaeckRia Baeck – Ria brought the Art of Hosting to Belgium in 2006 and continues to learn more about it every day. Her special focus these days is on how we can apply the principles to everyday situations in organisational contexts. Her antennae are always sensing into what is next, what unborn potential is present. She is excited by self-organisation and the emergence of the truly new. She also appreciates good theory and models. Grandmother of 6, Ria loves dancing and working in her organic garden. Spotted Zebras PercolabCollective Presencing  


Steve Ryman – Steve is a global nomad, often a Sacred Outsider, traveling the world, witnessing life’s unfolding,  asking questions, listening and sharing stories, offering himself and his gifts where he can contribute. But most of all, he is continually learning what it means to be fully human and how to be more present and engaged in all situations. Steve worked for 35 years in American healthcare facilitating innovation, collaboration and change process, and developing high performing work teams. As a practitioner and steward of the Art of Hosting Conversations and of The Flow Game, he has a particular interest in frontier areas of the world and in helping to build capacity and supporting newer practitioners in their learning. That has led him to work for the last 7 years in China, India, Vietnam, Africa, Australia and Europe with individuals, organizations and communities, helping them find innovative solutions to their challenges.

Ivo Bols Ivo is a passionate entrepreneur, heart and soul – so he loves to make a difference. He inspires companies and its employees to work autonomously. At Wildlife Paddock Ivo works passionately with horses and brings people closer to their meaning. 
His trumps are an indestructible energy, his ability to make crystal clear analyses and his ability to get the best out of people and their situation with great creativity. He does this with boldness, softness and humor. His motto is: “Inner leadership leads to an unexpected flow of creative developments”.  Spotted ZebrasPercolabWildlife Paddock  

Nora Ganescu Nora (Romania/Germany/Belgium) is an author, consultant and coach, specialising in organisational development. Her passion is people and she has dedicated her career helping companies and organisations creating better results with genuine participation and collaboration. She is always learning and exploring the “cutting edge” in this field. She is a practitioner of the next organisational paradigms that have self-organisation and wholeness at their center.
Nora is the author of “THE CEO’S PLAYBOOK: turning the employees you have into the dream team you always wanted”, a roadmap on the journey to the companies and the (better and saner) work worlds of the future. Campfire 

Samantha Slade Samantha (Canada) is co-founder and director of Percolab. As a social designer, she supports organisations and teams to break out of legacy organisational culture and adopt participatory leadership approaches, collaborative practices and prototype mindsets. She designs and runs multi-stakeholder engagement and co-design processes. She also co-develops culture-driven software solutions for the future of work and is the author of ‘Going Horizontal – Creating a non-hierarchical organization, one practice at a time’ (to be released fall 2018). Percolab  

Damien VerseleDamien Versele – A lawyer by training, Damien is now the director of De Sleutel, a network of care organisations working with drug prevention and the care for and rehabilitation of people with addictions. As a qualified coach, he has years of experience with coaching individuals, teams and organisations. Since 2015, he has been a practitioner of the Art of Hosting and an impact coach with the Sociale Innovatiefabriek (Brussels). talentum-coaching  


Helen Titch BeethHelen Titchen Beeth – Helen has been working with the patterns and practices of the Art of Hosting since 2006. Her particular fascination has been with the many ways of bringing the worldview from which these practices emerge into more materialistic contexts of our current power structuresspecifically the EU institutions



Valérie Carrette – As a consultant, Valérie supports the potential of managers, employees and their organizations. She has participated in various international courses on leadership such as ‘Transformational presence for leaders’ (Alan Seale), ‘Who do we choose to be? Reality, Leadership and Sanity ‘(Margaret Wheatley),’ Change Makers Alchemy of Courageous Choice ‘(Mac Macartney) and ‘Going horizontal ‘(Samantha Slade). She has a special interest in participatory leadership and practices that generate and built on collective intelligence.


Joke Jonckiere – After a career switch in 2017 Joke consciously chose for a human way of doing business: taking into account the wellbeing of co-workers and organisations, keeping focus on what is important for everyone, making more impact possible. Via principles and techniques from a.o. Art of Hosting, Non Violent Communication, Sociocracy 3.0, u.lab,… she creates a new way of life and a new professional role. How can we connect people and organisations who want to do things ‘differently’?


Anne-Laure Romanet – Anne-Laure is a facilitator and social entrepreneur. She chose this path after several years in the corporate world, realising that her true calling was to support better collaboration in organizations, especially the ones working for social and ecological transition. Fully passionate by the Art of Hosting, she is at the moment exploring how to apply this approach to citizen movements – inviting people and organizations to slow down, reflect on their purpose, the impact they actually want to have and how to include participation in the design of their actions.


Priscilla Milis – After her studies in business and entrepreneurship, as well as gaining a year of experience within social enterprises, Priscilla moved to Vietnam last August. Working for Knowmads Hanoi, a social enterprise creating learning experiences for wiser actions, she is a daily practitioner of the Art of Hosting. In addition to designing and facilitating programs and workshops, she is passionate in ways to best collaborate within entrepreneurial structures striving to tackle our environmental challenges.



Ineke Hulselmans


Johan Decoster – I am a trainer, consultant and coach and always learning and exploring the realm of personal and organisational development. I support groups of people to enhance their capabilities to create what they want to create. This requires unlearning, learning and making a shift from a reactive orientation towards a creative orientation.

By sharing 20 years of experience working in organisations (profit and non-profit, large corporations and SMB’s) I like to bring more wellbeing and effectiveness in teams and organizations using a varied menu of practices from agile, Sociocracy3.0, Leadership Embodiment and collaborative practices that help emerge the collective wisdom.