Shared Economy

For us it was clear from the outset that everyone who wants to participate should be able to do so regardless of their financial situation.

Therefore we use the Shared Economy model. This is a cooperative, responsibility-based approach to funding the training where the community as a whole holds the financial responsibility, and not just the organising team. Taking into consideration the costs of the event and one’s own financial resources, each participant is invited to identify what they can pay, then add a little more.

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We do not want to force you into the shared economy model and also offer the possibility to pay a set price. For us this is “option 2” because we believe the shared economy model will add to your learning.

Option 1 : Shared economy option

You pay a first installment upfront and a second installment at the end of the training.

  • First installment: for venue, accomodation, shared room, catering and minimal contribution to organising and hosting the training: 450,-€, including VAT, payable upfront. (100,- € as supplement for single room)
  • Second installment: The 2nd installment will be decided by yourself IN the training and covers the hosting fees for the team. On average this would be around 300,- €, including VAT .
    Some will not be able to pay for this; others can easily pay more…

We will give time and attention during the training to open this conversation and this experiment; you will then decide what the training is worth to you, what you can contribute and how we cover the budget.

A more detailed explanation of our financial model and budget can be read here.

Option 2 : Set price

If you need or want a total and fixed price upfront, these are the amounts we suggest:

  • Corporate: 1.250,-€ (+262,5 VAT)
  • NGO’s, small businesses and individuals: 750,-€ (+ 157,5 VAT)

If this is above your current budget, you can ask for some financial support – as we received some money from the Leerfonds of the Heerlijckyt and Helen Titchen Beeth. Thanks!

If you want to add to the scholarship fund – to make it possible that students, refugees and others can easily participate – please indicate in the registration form and we will get in touch with you to give you details of how to do that.

We believe that our learnings from this shared experiment will be many. We see it as a step in the direction of integrating relationship and gifts in our economic life.

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Cancellation Policy:  If you cancel with more than 20 days notice, we will keep 50,-€ for processing and return the remainder of your payment. If shorter notice is given, the amount of return depends on our ability to find another participant to take your place. If a replacement is found, 50,-€ only will be kept; if no replacement is found, all funds will be kept. This policy is negotiable in cases of personal emergency.