The ComPanion

companionWhat began as a review of the workbook transitioned into a new guide intended to illuminate the deeper patterns and the distinctive work and contribution of Art of Hosting to the field.  It’s beautifully written and put together by Helen Titchen Beeth and Steve Ryman, with gorgeous illustrations from Lara Listens.

As it says in the introduction “ this guide is an attempt to point to the moon whilst humbly acknowledging the inadequacy of putting the rich complexity of our work into words – its an invitation into deeper collective inquiry into the mystery of emergence” – Read online or download


Community Resources


Video Resources

Videolinks to some of the theories and methodologies we have been practising.

Art of Hosting – introduction:

Community Conversations for the common good:

Four-fold Practice:


Collective Story Harvest:

Chaordic Path:

Chaordic Stepping Stones:

Circle Process:

Open Space Technology:

ProAction Cafe:

World Cafe:

Two Loops of System Change:



Compiled by our friends and harvesters of the AoPL Training in Slovenia, 2014.

The Art of Harvesting.pdf – Download File


The Art of Powerful Questions.pdf – Download File


Collective Harvesting of AoH Practice Stories.pdf – Download File


Description of Designing Wiser Action.pdf – Download File


DFWA Harvest Template.jpg – Download File


From Hero to Host.pdf – Download File


Conversational Leadership.pdf – Download File

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