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An invitation to transform meetings and a
foundation to participatory leadership.

25 – 26 March, 2020 in Kortenberg, Belgium

“Our deepest belief has been that careful dialogue, with a question or intention in the centre, agreements for speaking and listening at the rim, and a light social structure for leadership can change how people work, live, and govern themselves…  The Circle Way is the lightest structure that helps correct what goes awry in so many contemporary forms of meeting.”
~ Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea

The Circle Way as a transformative meeting approach can be used to create healthy teams and relationships, address conflict and stuck conversations, make difficult decisions, hear each person’s voice and perspective, be bold and creative, build capacity, move beyond a “check-in”, work with complexity, and embrace diverse viewpoints.

The experiential design of this two-day workshop (held in English) will foster our capacity to apply The Circle Way to meetings, decision making, as well as handling uncertainty, complexity, and conflict. We will explore ways to create an environment for working together that is productive and intentional in any context.

HOSTS: Amanda Fenton (CA), Markus Heil (CH), Damien Versele (BE), Olivier Winghart (FR)

This training is non-residential, however there are rooms available. Let us know.

Information and registration

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Information and registration
Information: 0494/89.64.23 (Damien Versele)