Art of Hosting Belgium

We are happy to invite you to a new Belgian Art of Hosting community gathering. It is not what you might expect.

We invite you with a song

Have you ever been invited with a song? Listen and watch this beautiful song and videoclip, made by Stien together with the hosting team, to discover what we want to invite you into.

I call you,
Will you walk with me, 
Will you let me see
Who you are and
Where your heart belongs
So if I call you,
Will you walk with me, 
Right here by my side
We can walk each other home.

Spring is in the air!

Let’s come out and grow our local roots together.

The Belgian Art of Hosting community seems to be in a dormant state most of the time (but that might be just an impression). Suddenly, when someone feels called, events pop up. The community gathers and nourishes the web of relationships.

Some of us feel part of this web. Others might resist the word ‘community’. Maybe you don’t feel connected, but you are just curious to know more about the Art of Hosting?

Whoever you are, where you are, we invite you to an exploration of the Belgian Art of Hosting Community, spread over two weeks. 

Our calling questions

What is this Belgian Art of Hosting Community?
What does it mean to be a local community in global times?
What gems, actions, connections are ready to be uncovered, discovered, recovered?

After a year of online life, we want to honour our local roots. What is our connection with the land we work in, live on, or relate to in any imaginable way? Who are these like-hearted people who are there with us?

We hope to meet you

In the last community call in June, we expressed our wish to go broader, further and deeper with the community. Whatever you are longing for, you are welcome to join, for some minutes, some hours or some days.

The journey is self-organised in an Open Space format. We open the space on Sunday 21 March, when spring begins, and close it on Sunday 4 April, on Easter. 

Opening session:
Sunday 21 March – 19:00-20:30 CET Belgian time –  checking-in with each other and starting to fill the Open Space board

Closing session:
Sunday 4 April – 19:00-20:30 CEST Belgian time – harvesting and closing

During the 2 weeks in between, we together create and hold space for whatever wants to emerge. Maybe you’d like to go for a walk with some fellow practitioners? Or have a virtual coffee? Come as you are, prepared or unprepared. There are many ways to be part of it.

The journey is hosted by An Van Damme, Frans Nijs, Simon Grant, Sophie Charrois and Stien Michiels. We hope to meet you and grow our Belgian community together.

>>>  Register here if you feel called to join

Please register already, even if you are not yet sure about your attendance at the opening session.

> Re-listen to the invitation song and videoclip of Stien and the team.

> The opening session is also as an event on Facebook.